How to choose the right surface

It’s down to the materials to make every room a lively place that arouses the senses. Wood, stone, ceramics; every material provides a texture that you can see and touch. With the right mixes, a home can become the kingdom of senses.

Tiles, coverings and coatings are absolutely fundamental as they cover every home surface from the floor to the ceiling. Choosing materials is never a simple matter of visual appeal. Each product has its own intended use: for floors or for walls, for indoors or outdoors, non-slip or otherwise.

The parameters that ought to be taken into consideration are durability, the type of maintenance needed and, undoubtedly, the cost. On the market there is an enormous range of products (tiles, mosaics, PVC, parquet, marble and natural stone, resins), each with their own characteristics.

Suitability of use and visual appeal need to be matched skilfully; our interior designers and expert sales staff will help you to design your house with all its components, ensuring a perfect balance between surfaces and furnishings, from the bathroom to the kitchen.

How should I choose the surfaces for the bathroom?

When you start renovation work, you need to have chosen the type of flooring you want. It is currently fashionable to cover bathroom walls with square tiles or mosaics but only where absolutely necessary: in the shower cubicle, behind bathroom fittings and above the washbasin. The remaining space can be painted with special water-resistant resins or washable paint. There are tiles for every taste made of porcelain stoneware and ceramics: with soft, plain colours, geometric patterns or classic and contemporary decorations. Thanks to technological advances, tiles are now almost like wallpaper with their variety of designs and ultra-slim structure.

Bathroom fittings and furnishings are fitted after the wall and floor coverings have been laid, except for the shower tray which is laid beforehand. We can debunk one myth: parquet can be perfect in the bathroom, but no contact with floor-flush showers and better if there isn’t a washing machine.

Once you have chosen your material (marble, tiles in stoneware or ceramics or wood) you must choose the style (classic, contemporary, minimal, country, shabby chic etc.) and the colour. It’s no easy task: the market offers endless opportunities but at GiulioTanini’s you can find a really carefully selected range of the best products on the market.

Coverings in the kitchen: what should I look for?

The kitchen is a space where we spend a lot of time and its wall and floor coverings are among those that endure the most wear-and-tear. The wall behind the hob as well as behind the sink are areas prone to splashes of food, water and sauces and so they are the most sensitive. Wall coverings have always been the most common anti-splash solutions in traditional kitchens: in particular single-colour enamel tiles are a timeless favourite and undoubtedly fit for purpose. Of this kind of item we can offer a vast range of collections from the most classic to the most modern: Ceramica di Mutina, Trasparente and Bisello di Vogue, just to name a few.
Currently, a highly popular fashion is to use decorated tiles: geometric designs and patterns which reinterpret traditional decorations in contemporary style. A few examples? Lava-stone tiles from the Sicilian company Made a Mano, Azulej di Patricia Urquiola for Mutina, Marazzi and 41 zero 42.
The choice of wall tiles must match the flooring and kitchen furniture.