Modern dining room

It’s the place for conviviality, sharing time together and for bright ideas: it’s your dining room. The space where the family gets together to enjoy good food and tell each other about the day’s adventures. Fitting out your dining room in the right way will offer your house a perfect mix of elegance, modern style and practical features. Refined marble floors, wooden panelling, elegant lamps, visual appeal and Nordic colour schemes and Parisian inspiration. Discover our ideas for a bright and elegant dining room.

How to fit out a modern dining room: our proposal

Elegant, practical and contemporary: our dining room is the coming together of minimal forms, refined finishes and Parisian charm. A place set apart, devoted to those convivial moments in the day: our dining room has been designed to connect with other spaces while maintaining an independent position within the home. The marble flooring that has been custom-made by our Stone Manufacturing division, highlights the desire to provide this room with a refined and elegant personality. Its traditional texture, with marble veins and contrasting geometric shapes, becomes the focal point of the room. And it matches perfectly with the wood panelling on the walls, made by Orac Decor. Ambitious, elegant choices for a design that combines the romanticism of French houses with the classical forms of Nordic style.

Table and chairs for the dining room: our ideas.

They are the permanent centre of gravity of the room. Selecting the right chairs and tables will give an important touch of personality to your dining room. Following the inspiration of our showroom we have chosen the proposals in the Gubi collection, a Danish brand that interprets the charm of furniture from past times, lavishing it with contemporary exclusivity and refinement. Beetle chairs come in a wide range of leather and fabric coverings. They originate from the creativity of the Italo-Danish duo GamFratesi and freely draw their inspiration from the anatomy and movements of a beetle: the item artfully interprets and re-portrays the features of the animal’s shell in the seat. The Gubi table matches perfectly with the forms of the chairs that surround it: it speaks the same language of aesthetics. Versatile and warm, the Gubi Dining Table is available with a round, oval or rectangular top made from oak, walnut and ash with black colouring.

How to light up your dining room

The second lead character in the dining room is light. A well-lit dining room allows you to enjoy the setting and its practical features with absolute ease. It is important to choose the right light fitting and, above all, the best possible position inside the room. Usually, the most strategic position is above the table to illuminate the mise en place as effectively as possible. For this purpose, it would be preferable to position the light fitting between 70 and 90 cm above the table top, so as to avoid excessive shadowing. To further improve the brightness in the room, we recommend identifying other light sources such as French windows inspired by us. The Mimosa Ceiling light by Atelier Areti, chosen for our dining room extends horizontally and provides an excellent solution for a lighting design combining visual comfort and enhanced refinement of the setting. Its structural form gently embraces and softens the atmosphere of the room.

The right floor for your dining room: the Manifattura Pietre service

Did you appreciate our proposal for an elegant and refined marble flooring? Our Pietre Manufacture division can create the perfect solution for you. We offer you the assistance you need to create a custom-made project, with attention to every detail and based on your tastes and needs. Our specialists are able to follow the entire production process of the most complex natural stone, marble and granite artifacts. We assist designers and developers throughout the process: from the selection and supply of materials to on-site surveys, from executive drawings and filing cabinets, to the production of stone elements and installation with technical assistance on site. Materials, processes, quality control and design reach the customer anywhere in the world thanks to our logistics structure, site management and extreme attention to detail.

Now it can be yours

This is the proposal of our stylists. Together we can make the dining room of your dreams come true. Discover our personalized professional assistance service. Our interior designers will help you identify the solutions that best suit your needs, with a tailor-made project. If you are interested you can speak directly with one of our consultants: book an appointment online.