Boiserie and other three-dimensional coverings

Do not let your walls be a simple backdrop. Choosing three-dimensional coverings for furnishing your home allows you to transform these surfaces into star players providing the visual appeal of your interior. Elegant, dynamic and with a highly attractive personality: they are the perfect ally for those wishing to focus on every detail in their home so as to catch the eye of their visitors. In a word: spectacular.

Three-dimensional wall decorations: our selection

The world of coverings is expanding its ranges by choosing three-dimensional shapes. Surfaces with a unique character, inspired by geometric forms taken from nature and art. Such as the light effects and uneven movements of WigWag by 41zero42. Here eight different 3D structures, randomly combined with each other, have the final goal of forming a fluid and illusory expanse. Irregularity is also the stylistic feature of Wabi-Sabi by Decoratori Bassanesi, the new collection conceived by designer Federica Biasi which will soon be available in our store. A line that gets its inspiration from natural imperfection. Its name literally means “imperfect beauty”, a concept that is a feature of artisan crafts and processes in the Japanese world whose foundations lie on the acceptance of small imperfections. Conversely, geometric regularity is the key aspect of wallpapers by Vescom and the collections by Mutina: Punto, Rombini and Pico. Versatile, charismatic textures, which come to life starting from the repetition of harmonic shapes.

Furnishing with Boiserie

The French word boiserie indicates a decorative element for the walls of the house. This kind of wall decoration is achieved through screens, cornices and panels. Boiserie has a long history, dating back to the French royal courts of the 17th century. Refined, versatile and stylish, this decoration has spanned the centuries adapting to the taste and social needs of the present age. In our store you can find the elegant boiserie elements of Orac Decor.

Your taste takes priority for us

Walking through the rooms of a house that embodies our personality provides a deep sense of peace and belonging. They are the mirror of the inner world of those who inhabit the domestic space: they display it in every corner. No element can be left to chance. Our team of experts is at your complete disposal to advise you and guide you in selecting every single detail. Book an in-store or virtual appointment, contact us via chat or call +39 055 331700. Your needs will never take second place.