Idee Parquet 2022

Tips and trends

Anyone who loves parquet would like it in every corner of their house. Elegant, versatile and warm, wood guarantees the perfect harmony between functionality and aesthetics. It is seen as a great timeless classic but also this type of flooring, just like tiles, has its own trends and innovations. Research and innovation is so fast-moving that even the taboo about parquet in the most functional rooms, like the bathroom and kitchen, is now considered outdated. So, when opting for a single kind of surface throughout the house, a whole range of possibilities open up: let’s take a look at the most popular, innovative ideas for 2022.

How to choose parquet: laying patterns, colours and trendy coatings

Choosing the right parquet for your home is a matter of detail and finish. First you need to evaluate the colour, laying pattern and then the coating. Included in the wide selection of high-quality types and brands, such as Corà, IPF and Maison de Parquet, there are products that follow the most fashionable trends of 2022. Here are a few of the most popular and sought-after styles with our customers.

The best laying patterns for 2022 parquet

Something that never goes out of fashion: herringbone parquet. Elegant, sophisticated and versatile: suitable for any kind of home, from the most modern to those with an old style feel. The year 2022 confirms the rise of French or Italian herringbone as a must for lovers of wooden floors. Bearing nostalgic charm, a new trend from the 50s: the return of parquet consisting of small, narrow and long strips (for example, 12 cm x 2 m or 15 cm x 2 m). A choice that recalls industrial settings, as opposed to more traditional designs.

The best colourings for 2022 parquet

The most popular colours include, for example, heat-treated parquet, achieved through high-temperature heat treatment that makes the wood darker and more resistant to moisture and biological deterioration (mould, insects, fungi). As opposed to heat treatment, the naturalised finish with a desaturated effect is also well appreciated. This lightens the colour of the wood and gives it a natural, velvety and soft-to-the-touch appearance. The third trend in 2022, on the other hand, is the return of a “rustic style” parquet, with the knots in the wood deliberately made clearly visible.

The best coatings for 2022 parquet

Matt coatings are the most popular trend for the new year. These will be the most effective in masking any imperfections, are suitable for all spaces and offer a velvety, natural and soft effect. They are preferable to glossy coatings, which may conversely accentuate any imperfections and give a colder and more detached feel to the flooring. White coatings are also gaining in popularity and are perfect for giving a fresher touch to “maritime” type homes, such as houses by the sea.

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