Gervasoni: state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor furniture

Gervasoni has joined our selection of best brands. A brand we feel is on our wavelength when it comes to historical background, taste and innovative choices. A benchmark for made-in-Italy products, it is outstanding in its efforts for sustainability as displayed in every phase of its production process, and in its manufacturing sensitivity. Gervasoni is home to a harmonious union between the unpredictable and varied, organic and mineral world and the rational regularity of the most advanced industrial techniques. Traditional hand-crafted processes combine with innovation to give life to versatile, comfortable lines with a contemporary feel.

Let’s take a look together at the new collections we have chosen for you.

Gervasoni Ghost: where minimal lines combine with comfort

The lines we love most are drawn by the unconventional, eclectic flair of Paola Navone, who for many years was the company’s art director. An informal, contemporary and, at the same time, refined way to think about the home. This meeting led to the creation of Ghost, a collection of comfortable, cosy seats renowned for their congenial versatility. Complex simplicity, a concept that rotates around the lightweight shell with essential volumes and soft cushions. The leading characteristic? The upholstery. Oversize covers, highlighted with visible stitching. Sofas, armchairs, chairs and beds can be stripped and covered again in a flash, as with the Ghost 23 chair or the Ghost 10G sofa. Changing the image and personality according to the style you require: simple or sophisticated, formal or informal.

Gervasoni outdoor: the Inout collection

The Inout collection reveals the way Gervasoni imagines time spent in outdoor spaces. Another creation from the stylish hand of Paola Navone, it encapsulates various backgrounds and features in a harmonious blend of contemporary, exotic and natural looks. This line of products combines traditional outdoor materials, such as wood, with others of the latest generation, especially developed to stand up to all weather conditions. Every element provides its own appealing, poetic charm to the collection. Such as the Nordic refinement of the Inout 862 and Inout 861 armchairs, enriched by their structure in Washed Teak, a fine tropical wood, and by the high-density, woven network of polyethylene twine. Washed Teak also provides the base of the Inout 867 coffee table with the top in white Carrara marble or grey porcelain stoneware.

Our way of looking at things may be yours, too

Every selection of ours includes a certain dose of courage. After all, choosing means losing something in order to enhance something else. For our TaniniHome team, our primary need is to offer you the very best, showing you the most innovative, bold and varied collections. These are just a few of our proposals, but we are always ready to listen to your needs and your designs for changing the look of your home.