Rethinking your bathroom with Ex.t

Through Ex.t, our interior design brand dedicated to bathroom decor, we have restyled the concept of bathroom. Dynamic creativity accompanied by the background and experience of Tanini, with insights provided by Ingrid and Azzurra Tanini and the work begun by their parents Andrea Tanini and Isa Aurori. Designs, products and inspirational ideas that generate spectacular settings and provide a new, unconventional description of the relationship between purpose and visual appeal in one of the most personal and private rooms in the home.

A room all for yourself

The bathroom is the place for your privacy. And despite this awareness, it does not always enjoy the same care and attention afforded to more open, convivial spaces in the house. Ex.t responds to this trend by observing contemporary living, which is multiform, free-flowing, customised, post-modern. A bathroom’s essence can reflect its owner’s ideas and personality. By expressing its versatile, modular vocation with deco, minimal, classic and pop influences, Ex.t endeavours to meet its customers’ needs. In providing form to the desires, taste and imagination of those searching for a new, living experience. Where the bathroom can become full of life, welcoming, inspirational and with a stunning visual appeal. A place that reflects its purpose and goes further, where you can linger and devote time to yourself in the right surroundings.

An extraordinary view of ordinary items

The Ex.t collections propose a concept of the bathroom that crosses traditional frontiers, exploring innovative combinations. It brings to the bathroom items and inspirational ideas drawn from other rooms and other worlds, highlighting endless opportunities for contamination and customisation. A playful use of lighting, film-style settings, artistic geometric shapes and original functions. And anyway, who laid down the rules on how an item should be used? Why shouldn’t the bathroom in our house feel welcoming, seductive and comfortable like a lounge or kitchen? Imagination has no limits. The Ex.t designs stem from a constantly evolving passion and relentless work on ongoing improvements. A line of experimentation that blends the taste of young artists and internationally renowned designers (Note Design Studio, Norm Architects, Sebastian Herkner and Samuel Wilkinson, Bernhardt & Vella, Marcante-Testa) with artefacts made in Tuscany by expert Tuscan craftsmen.

May your bathroom be your inspiration

Let your inspiration run free

If you are looking for new opportunities, discover the functional versatility of Arco, the item designed by Mut that can change its form from washbasin to elegant console in the home; just like Frieze, the geometric-style washbasin from the collection by Marcante-Testa inspired by the works of Roy Lichtenstein, or Nouveau, the Art Déco bathtub by Bernhardt & Vella. Independent units that form new harmonic, minimal and essential compositions. By removing some items, you can gain full awareness of the endless potential of spaces.