2021 Christmas gifts: ideas and suggestions

We all know that the perfect Christmas gift is immaterial: time, care, imagination and emotions are what count. That is why we have created a selection of gift ideas carefully conceived to show your affection with unique and original articles. We have chosen them with passion and care, in classic Tanini Home style.

Christmas ideas for her

Our boutique is the perfect place to find gift ideas for any woman. Whether it is a girlfriend, sister, mother or partner, the Tanini selection will help you in your choice. Our suggestions are designed to make women happy, with a range of stylish and whimsical articles. They include the spectacular porcelain creations of Yvonne Ellen, the eccentric style of Quail Ceramics or the delicate flair of the Bitossi Home proposals.Explore our Christmas category for women and choose the right gift for her .

Christmas ideas for him

Versatility is the strength of our Christmas boutique. That is why you will also find Christmas gifts for him there: original, captivating and eclectic.Objects that combine visual appeal, practicality and style. One example is Knworkstation w1, a genuine workstation for the kitchen worktop designed by KnIndustrie. In textured and natural raw wood, with lacquered inserts to hold an iPad. Our Christmas category for men is perfect for you.

And for children?

Munari taught us that design can be child-friendly too. We have a selection of chairs, prints, lamps, covers and many other articles for small children. The perfect gift ideas for children who like to let their imagination run wild. Like the delightful Puppy, created by the Finnish designer Eero Aarnio and manufactured by the Italian Magis brand. A sculpture, a toy and a small stool: all that matters is your imagination. Discover all the suggestions for the Christmas category dedicated to children.

Christmas ideas for the home

Home is the place where the true spirit of Christmas is revealed: joy, intimacy and affection. Embellishing the home of someone you love with original and stylish Christmas gifts is a true gesture of love. Light up your rooms in a completely different way. Explore our Christmas category dedicated to the home.

Christmas decoration ideas: an unexpected gift

When we think of Christmas decorations, we sometimes forget the endless range of creative possibilities for decorating and furnishing every corner of our home. So why not explore our selection to choose an original gift for Christmas 2021? Discover the suggestions of our boutique for Christmas decorations.

Original Christmas gifts on a small budget

Sometimes it doesn’t take much: a heartfelt choice of gift can create worlds full of imagination and beauty. One example is the Sketch.inc collection by Lucie Kaas, a range of articles depicting several figures from the world of entertainment: artists, actors, pop and style icons from the past and the present. From Frida Kahlo to Elton John, to the creations of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Discover our selection of Christmas gifts on a small budget.