Wall-mounted hanger in oak

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To design Finferli, Note Design Studio have found inspiration in nature. Intrigued by the convex and concave surfaces of a mushroom whose funnel captures the light whilst casting shadows, they created a design that interacts with its surroundings and changes its look depending on the light. Finferli hangers are the perfect accessories to add a warm atmosphere with a Scandinavian touch to any living space. available in two dimensions and five colours.


Wall-mounted hanger in oak
Delivery Times: 5/6 WEEKS

Additional Information

Delivery times 5/6 WEEKS
Products Coat stands
Designer Note Design Studio
Brand Ex.t
Color Brown
Product Materials Wood
Essence Natural oak
Size Ø8x6 cm; Ø11x8 cm;

Finferli are available in two sizes: Small (Ø8x6 cm) and Large (Ø11x8 cm). Select the option for the desired size.

With screws and dowels.

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