Design Service


Working from your wishes, we'll help you to create a space that suits your style and your needs. Within a week you'll receive a style guide to choose the colours and materials for your home and a shopping list for your furnishings at affordable prices.

It’s quick, easy and value for money.
Ask for our internal design advisory service online from the comfort of your own home. We can work with any budget, large or small. You can refurbish your home from top to bottom or get some help from our designers in rearranging your furniture.
You’ll only have to get up off the sofa to change it!



I’m always looking out for new things to give me a buzz: I write, I draw and I make plans and not always in the same order. As a child I dreamed about making “homes”, as an adult I have learned that dreams come true, if you really want them to. I graduated in Architecture in 2007 from the University of Naples Federico II. I’m an architect by profession and blogger by passion, and decided to direct my personal and professional research towards interior design and design in general. I adore analysing and experimenting with the world of living and the latest trends. I have a particular penchant for minimalist style, clean lines and muted colours. I believe a home reveals one’s style but also one’s unique approach to life.
With this in mind, Makeyourhome was founded in 2012: a workshop of creative ideas and research offering a brand new way to experience design. From blogging to the construction site: the new tools of the trade are on line and highly engaging. Today our firm works on various levels, ranging from online advice on interior design to plans for renovation work, from art direction to styling, and even has an “Interior design experience” workshop involving a weekend to rekindle your creativity and rediscover the appeal of having a blank sheet of paper in front of you. The spirit is the same as it’s always been: creating customised spaces with a story to tell.